Black Panther. Is he the new MCU boss?

Last Saturday, i finally got to watch Black Panther. Blame @dannyseesit for that!

As usual, here’s a quick (spoilers free) review of the movie!

The most iconic GIF of this movie!

Wakanda Forever!

You don’t need me to say that, but Ryan Coogler, the film’s director, did amazing in being authentic to the African roots and heritage while imagining a modern and developed continent. Just notice the difference between African and “Wakanda” in the movie!

Even inside the high-tech lab, you can see the African culture in the background and how the walls were designed.

Wakanda wasn’t white washed to please Hollywood. And that’s what made the movie a huge success.

Girl Power 👧🏽!

Women are usually falling for the right/wrong guy in movies. Or if it happens that they are agents of some sort, they report of an old guy!

That’s not the case here. Wakanda’s women kick ass! From Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia) to Danai Gurira (Okoye) and Letitia Wright (Shuri — My Favorite!)

Women of Black Panther

Each character kicks ass at some point in the movie, even Micheal B Jordan (We’ll get to him).

Why is “Shuri” my favorite? She’s blunt, funny, enjoys her tech lab, isn’t afraid to fight bad guys, and above all, doesn’t take bullshit! She even called the only white character in the movie: “colonizer”! ❤ you Letitia Wright!

Those costumes! 😍

In addition to fierce female characters, #BlackPanther doesn’t disappoint when it comes to mixing African heritage with modern costumes! And the result is nothing but AMAZING!

The Villain

Michael B Jordan Ladies and Gentlemen

At this point, you all know that he plays the main movie “villain”. Without getting into details (or spoilers), Michael nails his role. Although it’s a slow start for him (while they introduce T’Challa and the crowning as King Of Wakanda), he gets to be the main story and commands your full attention!

Just look at his presence and character!

Or how he looks at Chadwick Boseman the first time their characters meet!

So What’s Next?

First of all, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, HOW DARE YOU? (Tickets if you live in Canada).

Second, as Marvel’s MCU phase 3 is wrapped in the next 2 years, it’s clear that Black Panther is being positioned as a “replacement” for Iron Man

(🚨 do not move your ass before the post credits!🚨)

He’s got the technology and money for it! And as this movie shows, and depending on what we already saw in the Agenvers Infinity War trailer, he’s a main character in wrapping Phase 3 and most probably starting Phase 4.

Rating: 3.5/4

No more spoiler! I just leave you with this 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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