Manoush’eh is what Vancouver exactly needed!

Are you hungry? Not yet? How about if i told you that after living for more than 2 years, i finally found something that’s actually “authentic” and not just claiming to be?

In case you don’t know, Manoush’eh ( منقوشه) is what 99.5% of Lebanon have for breakfast! For your own sake, let’s call it: The Lebanese Pizza.

Some of what you might find there!

Without going much into details, i met Oscar (one of the partners in this new venture) around 3 months after i landed in Vancouver. Back then, i didn’t know much about him.

Yesterday, i was too curious to try this new place i stumbled on, and apparently, Oscar is the chef!

Oscar the chef!

The REAL Labneh, the REAL Cheese, the REAL Zaatar, and much more. You can’t describe food online so how about you give them a try? Or many visits?

They’re located on the corner of Davie and Seymour in Downtown Vancouver (620 Davie Street) and they open from 10AM to 10PM everyday except Sunday (Everyone needs the rest!).

Manoush’eh’s menu (and prices) for the budget people!

And in case you’re middle eastern and you miss the MENA’s version of Labne, Tea and “Laban Ayran”, look no further.

What’s better than a Zaatar Manoush’eh and a “Laban Ayran” on the side?

Keep up the good work guys!

Rating: 9/10!

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